Strategy for social responsibility

JSC “Power Plants of North Macedonia” is socially responsible company that besides the basic economic goal – electricity generation, its generation success is considered to be inseparable part of the development of the entire social community within the area of its functioning. We recognize the corporate responsibility as a tradition and we will continue to provide help because that is our interest and long term objective.

We are successful company, responsible towards the society and the environment in which we work. We realize that the social responsibility is beneficial for business success and profit, and not expenditure harmful for the owners. We are involved in various social activities which are related to our area of operation and capability. JSC ESM is involved in many branches of the society, supports humanitarian projects, initiates activities linked to the youth and education, tradition and culture, supports the health system, science and technology, sports and entertainment.

The care for the youngest is our motto and this is why we support them with sponsorships, donations and conduct humanitarian activities. We revive the nature and care for the environment. Through our engagement we bond with people and play important role in creating human society.

JSC ESM by implementing the Declaration for social responsibility, announces public announcement for disbursing funds within the frames of its program for investment in the community. This announcement is focused towards resolving issues and problems of various natures and it is open for all domestic individuals and organizations. The goal of this donation and sponsorship program is to give contribution in improving the living standard and promoting the environment.

Declaration for social responsibility