AD ELEM won national award for social responsibility in the category “Relations with suppliers”, the highest recognition awarded by Coordinating authority for socially responsible practices. Besides the first award, we had two more recognitions, two second places in the categories “Interactions with employees” and “Investment in community” for project submitted for invitation by Ministry of Economy through project “Social responsibility of companies in Republic of Macedonia” co-financed by European .

National award in the category “Relations with suppliers” is about the project “Influence through suppliers grid in promotion of health and social protection”. Being socially responsible company with this project we accomplished quality control of operating of contractors in our company and we noticed that there is braking of operating standards and not following of the rights of their workers. Using the selection process of their contractors, AD ELEM has systematically set concrete standards influencing relation to workers. Our company approached towards additional examination and control of their payment, insurance, use of appropriate protection equipment during accomplishing of works.

Being socially responsible company with the project “Preventive-health leaves for our employees”, we achieved the second award in the category “Interactions with employees”. As a part of social responsibility, AD ELEM leads continuous care for health and safety of their employees. During 2011, 1000 employees of AD ELEM had health-preventive leaves in recreation centers “Molika” and “Popova Sapka”. During preventive leaves, employees attended educational teachings for health and safety at work, protection during work and manners for handling and avoiding stress.

Second place was won in the category “Investment in community” for projects which include integration of marginalized groups in all fields of society. Along with the support of AD ELEM, there were activities for the disabled persons. During 2011, AD ELEM has supported totally 25 projects which directly contribute for integration of marginalized groups in our society.


The award as part of the project “Social responsibility of the companies”, co-sponsored by the EU, is conducted by the Ministry of economy in partnership with the Macedonian foundation for development of the companies, Macedonian chamber of commerce and the association Konekt. Our company was awarded with the national prize for social responsibility in the category “Investment in the community”, the highest recognition given by the Coordinative body for social responsible practices. The award has been granted to ELEM for donating a microscope to the University otorrinolaringology clinic.

Consistently with the adopted declaration, the company, within its capabilities, generously supports the development of the social activities as an essential condition for growth and development of the country, and also as improvement of the quality of life for all citizens and developing the environment. More than one decade there hasn’t been an investment in new equipment in the Otorrinolaringology clinic. Quality of the services in the public health cannot be accomplished with old equipment and this is why the donation for the Otorrinolaringology clinic was a priority.

This optical microscope is part of all world clinics and it is expected to be used for around 2.500 surgeries annually. The microscope features a high precision laser and a robotic surgery module. The interventions with this laser are conducted with high precision hence the surgeon only gives the coordinates. For the first time the clinic will have an operative archive because each surgery will be recorded on the hard drive and will be used for training and education.  The people and their wellbeing will be in the focus of JSC ELEM as a social responsible company.By donating this microscope,JSC ELEM gave significant contribution towards implementation of new and sophisticated operative techniques in both Otorrinolaringology clinic and the Macedonian health system.With this 4 million denars worth donation for the Otorrinolaringology clinic, we gave contribution for increasing the quality of health services in this institution and for improving the efficiency of medical treatments for the people. This prestige award will be encouragement to proceed with our help for the community within our capabilities. Apart of the first prize in the category “Investment in the community”, JSC ELEM got two more recognitions in two other categories, “Preserving the environment” and “Customer relations”