PVPP Oslomej


The project for photovoltaic power plants Oslomej was developed in accordance with the Energy Development Strategy 2040 of the Government, which is based on the European Green Agreement, in order to transform the way of electricity production and increase the usage of renewable energy sources at the expense of fossil fuels. The ultimate goal of the Oslomej project is TPP Oslomej with an installed capacity of 120 MW to be replaced by solar power plants with an equal installed capacity of 120 MW.

Production from renewable energy sources will provide clean energy for the country and the region, but will also enable the recultivation and improvement of the land from the old mine.



PVPP Oslomej 1

The 10 MW Oslomej 1 photovoltaic power plant is the first example of an energy transition in Southeast Europe in which electricity will be generated from the sun through panels placed on an old, depleted coal mine. The photovoltaic power plant was put into trial production in April 2022. It is the first in a series of power plants that should completely replace the existing installed capacity of TPP Oslomej.

The European Energy Community recommends this example to other countries in the region where energy transition is taking place.

The total annual production of FE Oslomej 1 will be 15-17 GWh, sufficient for the needs of about 2800 households. FE Oslomej 1 is fully owned by AD ESM. The construction of the power plant cost 7 million euros, part of which was own funds, and part is a credit line from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.


PVPP Oslomej 2

After PVPP Oslomej, the project PVPP Oslomej 2 with installed capacity of 10 MW and planned average annual production of 16 GWh of electricity, with support from the EBRD, will be realized as a continuation of PVPP Oslomej 1. This project together with the project PVPP Bitola, which has an installed capacity of 20MW, will be financed with the help of a favorable loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in the amount of 25 million euros.

The land is owned by JSC “Power Plants of North Macedonia” and the site is within a short distance from the substations and road infrastructure, i.e. in the immediate vicinity of an already operational power plant, which provides access to trained labor. The combination of favorable location factors, together with the strategic commitment of the Government, provides real potential for the realization of this project. The costs for construction of PVPP will be significantly reduced because the existing infrastructure from TPP “Oslomej” will be used.

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PVPP Oslomej 3

PVPP Oslomej 3 with a maximum output of 2×50 MW, is planned to be built south of PVPP Oslomej 2, on an area owned by AD ESM. The average annual production is estimated at 2×80 GWh.

Construction is planned with a Public Private Partnership, where the private partner will cover the investment and operating costs and within 35 years will transfer the ownership to AD ESM. In the period of 35 years, the private partner of AD ESM will pay at least 10% of the produced electricity at an hourly HUPX price.



Power AC Annual production  Planned budget for 2022 Financing source
(MW) (GWh) (000 denars)
2X40 (макс.2×50) 2×80          The project is planned to be realized with PPP