PVPP Bitola 1- 20 MW, PVPP Bitola 2 – 40 MW, PVPP Bitola 3 – 100 MW

Current global energy trends call for a more ambitious transition to a low-carbon economy, with renewable energy among the most important factors enabling that transition. In that sense, AD ESM intensifies its focus on the development and implementation of new projects for electricity production, in order to increase the share of renewable energy sources, and more specifically with photovoltaic power plants with larger (large scale) installed capacity.

Given the available energy resources and the land belonging to AD ESM, the most flexible option that will enable the production of clean energy from renewable sources are photovoltaic power plants. In that direction, development activities have been started in cooperation with the EBRD for realization of the projects: PVPP Bitola 1 with installed capacity of 20 MW, with an average annual production of 32 GWh, which will be financed together with PVPP Oslomej 2 through a favorable loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in the amount of 25 million euros, and PVPP Bitola 2 with installed capacity of 40 MW, with an annual production of 70 GWh and an estimated value of 30 million euros, for which facilities have already been calculated for future production, the land has been determined and the connection studies have been completed.

The project PVPP Bitola 3 with an installed capacity of 100 MW, with an annual production of 170 GWh, and an estimated value of 70 million euros. The proposals for connection of PVPP Bitola 3 to the electricity grid are through the existing 110kV transmission line from SS Bitola 2 (owned by AD ESM) to SS Brod Gneotino, with radial connection. The estimated area for construction of PVPP Bitola 1 is 36 ha, for PVPP Bitola 2 is 80 ha and for PVPP Bitola 3 200 ha.

The construction of the photovoltaic power plant in TPP “Bitola” will increase the share of renewable energy sources to 160 MW. The costs for construction of PVPP will be significantly reduced due to the use of the existing infrastructure from TPP “Bitola”.

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