AD “ESM” – Power Plants of North Macedonia as socially responsible company is making efforts for promoting the social aspects and interests of the community as well as the health and safety at work of all employees. AD “ESM” in cooperation with the European Bank for Development and Investments started investment for construction of the first 10MW photovoltaic power plant – PVPP Oslomej (the Project), which will produce 15GWh electricity annually, corresponding to the necessities of approximately 2000 households.

The construction of the photovoltaic power plant PVPP Oslomej will bring AD “ESM” and Republic of North Macedonia one step closer to the fulfilling of the obligations towards the European Union and achieving of the specified goal, 20% participation of the renewable sources in the electricity production. Besides supporting the national efforts for increasing of the participation of the renewable energy sources in the total electricity production, AD “ESM” with the Project supports decreasing of the harmful emissions of CO2, decarbonisation, decreasing of the negative impact of the energy production over the environment and the health of the people and it provides sustainable development of the communities. AD “ESM” is making efforts with this project and provides considerable benefits for our climate, health and economy. AD “ESM” as part of its operation has implemented and it is entirely in line with the principles and the requirements of the standards for health and safety at work (OHSAS 18001), environmental protection (ISO 14001) and quality (ISO 9001).    

The company as well as the “turnkey” Contractor and subcontractors, as part of the Project, are making efforts and they will make efforts entirely to fulfil these standards, rules, principles and regulations during the entire lifetime of the Project.

These efforts will be achieved with:

  • Integration of the requirements for health and safety at work, environmental protection and quality in the earliest phases of the project as selection criteria for Contractor and in the entire project and contracting documentation
  • Obligation to the Contractor, subcontractors and supervision bodies for entire following of all national standards and best international practices for health and safety at work and environmental protection
  • Entire transparency during publication of all relevant information connected to the Project, open communication to the public and including of all stakeholders
  • Working assets will be provided as well as working and additional offices, working equipment, personal protection equipment and all other assets used during the working process and all preventive measures will be taken in order to prevent or decrease the risks and dangers of the health and safety at work
  • Involving of the local communities in the project and implementation of the complaints and appeals mechanism within company and outside of the company
  • Reallocation of land devastated by mining activities in the power plant which decreases the necessity of fossil fuels

The photovoltaic power plant during its operation lifetime will not disturb the environment, and it will produce clean energy avoiding the emission of greenhouse gases. The permanent and temporary employments, direct and indirect as well as prequalification and training of the employees are considerable aspect of this Project and they will have social and economic benefit in the community. This solar power plant and the future plants in the investment plan of AD “ESM” bring the company one step closer to providing clean and sustainable energy future. 

During the entire Project, the special effort is entirely respecting and fulfilling of the health and safety at work standards, and AD “ESM”, Contractor and Supervisory authority will strictly control the implementation. 

 Social Policy PVPP Oslomej