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Electricity is the most important factor for the economic development of a country and our prime goal is not only electricity production but also finding new energy sources and improvement of the ecological awareness. Electricity is not gift from God, it is the most sophisticated energy source. Our country abounds with various natural treasures and resources which could provide enough energy for all our necessities. We improve nature and we create energy.

For us in ESM every drop of water and every piece of land has enormous significance because we know that there is power there, the power of the energy is hidden there. ESM is the pillar of the country, without its stability there is no better and safer future and therefore there should not be delaying of the development solution for the future of our system. Our hydro and thermo capacities are working constantly and are maintained day and night.

From our capacities we provide around 90 % from the entire domestic production. We produce average annual up to 5000 GWh electricity from the thermo power plants which are with installed capacity of 824 MW, while from the hydro power plants, which are with installed capacity of 556.8 MW, we produce 1200 GWh average annual electricity. From the wind park, with installed capacity of 36.8 MW, we produce more than 100 GWh average annual electricity. Part of the ESM system is the cogeneration gas power plant KOGEL which consists of 10 gas engines with a total electric power of about 30 MW, which can emit thermal power of about 26 MW. From April 2022, the first photovoltaic power plant FE Oslomej 1 started operating, with an installed capacity of 10 MW. FE Oslomej 1 is the first solar power plant in Southeast Europe built on an old mine.

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OUR PEOPLE ARE OUR STRENGTH Behind the success, ambitions and the good results are our employees. Our employees know best how arduous is to maintain in best condition our constant production capacities. We in ESM know that the success of work depends on the people responsible for its prompt and quality execution. We take care for the continuous education of our employees and they return with their professionalism, devotion, loyalty and responsibility.

NATURE DECANTED IN ENERGY We create energy. It is created and found in the nature in different shapes. We have educated and devoted people, technology and capacities that assume energy from nature and transform it in a shape that is necessary for all of us, electricity. We all feel the benefits of the electricity through the other kinds of energies – thermal, light, mechanical and sound.

We decant nature into energy. Our work does not stop here. We take care of the nature. Our employees are not taking care only for the production process but also for more rational and planned usage of the nature and its protection, maintaining and renewal.

Aware of the necessity for protection, preserving and improving of the environment for the current and future generations our company takes all steps for protection of the environment.


  • continuous following of the quantities of dangerous gases and particles that are emitted in the air in our thermo plants through ecological parameters
  • re-cultivation and forestation of the exploited coal excavations and neutralization of the waste water
  • protection of the flora and fauna from the influence of the hydro accumulations on micro and macro climate
  • global protection of people and properties from floods during planning of new as well as during analysis and exploitation of the existing hydro accumulations with preparation of adequate studies and projects


ESM is the pillar of the electric power system, elementary and main bangle in the system for production – transmission – distribution. ESM is the producer of electricity. Nowadays ESM offers three basic products on the home market – active energy, reactive energy and system services. The company invests and believes that the production of domestic recourses is the most profitable and long term acceptable in Republic of North Macedonia.

ESM works to join the contemporary and technologically advanced countries and to become part of the European – free trade with electricity, according to the directives of EU, liberalization, increasing of the competition and moving of all participants in the electro energetic sector. Only in that way development facilities could be provided, to instigate investments in the energetics and to reinforce the economy in the country.


We take care of the continuous education and upgrading of our employees through various trainings, trainings and seminars. ESM is a work environment that stimulates an innovative approach to work, encouraging its people to develop new, alternative ways of more efficient and cost-effective use of resources.