CORE CAPITAL Core capital of the Company amounts 31.738.878.000 denars or 517.818.006 EUR according to middle course of National Bank of Republic of North Macedonia. The capital of the Company is divided on 31.738.878 regular shares with nominal values of 1000 denars.


In AD ESM – Skopje, as of 2020, there are 4,699 full-time employees and 367 workers through the Agency for Temporary Employment. The number of employees is distributed in the Headquarter and in the branches: Branch HES Mavrovo Gostivar – 333 employees, branch HES Crn Drim Struga – 228 employees, branch HPP Tikves Kavadarci – 99 employees, branch HES Treska Skopje – 1o9 employees 50 Headquarter, Skopje – 251 employees.

According to the level of professional training, most employees or 46% are with IV degree high school; 20% of the employees are with III degree high school in occupation; 14% have a VII / 1 degree or higher education; 9% are workers with II degree; 5% have I degree unskilled employees; 3% have a VI degree of higher education; 2% are with V degree highly skilled workers; 2% have VII / 2 degree masters and almost 0.2% of the employees in the company have VIII degree doctors of sciences.

According to age, the largest percentage of employees, ie 35% are aged 46-55; 28% are aged 56-64; 23% are aged 36-45; 11% are aged 26-35; 2% are over the age of 64 and 1.1% of employees are under the age of 25.

According to the gender structure in JP Power Plant of North Macedonia, in state ownership, Skopje the largest number or 4,052 employees, ie 86.23% are men and 647 or 13.76% are women.