Our attitude towards the environment

The promotion of environment protection as ethic value implies responsible working and undertaking steps and measures for preserving the environment and sustainable development. Every company is focused on accomplishing and presenting the contribution for preserving the environment through controlling of its activities, procedures and services to the environment.

In accordance to our company’s policy for protecting, preserving improving the environment for current and future generations and promote the sustainable development, we are implementing international standards referring to the protection of the environment. We are undertaking all the measures to implement the Policy for environmental preservation, establishing objectives and procedures for controlling the impact of its activities and services, taking over measures of identification hence minimizing the negative effects of the production capacities upon the environment.

The aspects and standards for healthy environment are identified and carried out with excellence: we permanently monitor the quantities of released harmful fumes and particles, transparently announce the figures of earth, water and soil pollution, re-cultivate and foresting exploited coal pits, waste water treatment, protect the flora and fauna from the impact of the hydro-accumulations upon the micro and macro climate, enabling global protection for people and property from potential damages during planning of new facilities or exploitation of the existing hydro-accumulations trough creation of appropriate studies and elaborations. We promote production of electrical power from renewable sources and researching new possibilities for sustainable energy development. We have successfully implemented the standard for quality ISO 14001:2015, which has been successfully executed to present day.

Certificate ISO 14001:2015
 Anex ISO 14001:2015

An old Indian saying presents our fundamental and compulsory principal:

“The Earth is not a heritage given to us by our ancestors, but loaned to preserve it for our offspring”.