Lukovo Pole

The Storage “Lukovo Pole” and Intake of Korab waters (refered to as Lukovo Pole Renewable Energy project – LPREP) brings the Korab waters to the storage “Lukovo Pole”. These waters cause overflows above the built catchments of the system Gorna Radika, and with chronological interval of duration of one month. That is particularly expressed at the catchment Crn Kamen that is in same time utilized for regulation of the discharge in the intake canal to the Mavrovo Lake, and the overflows at this catchment are largest and the longest lasting. The basic technical solution for catchment and diversion of something of water, of the Gorna Radika basin, namely from the Adriatic to the Aegean basin is consisted of construction of the Dam “Lukovo Pole” and accumulation in which with an headrace canal the overflowing waters are brought to the existing channel Gorna Radika. With the regulation of these overflowing waters in same time floods are avoided and also additional generation is yield.

The project is in principle expected to have positive environmental impacts in that it would contribute to Macedonia’s use of renewable energy sources, help to lower greenhouse gas emissions, increase the resilience of the existing hydropower system Vrutok-Raven-Vrben against climate change impacts, more stable biological minimum of the Vardar River. Environmental impact that can occur during the construction of the facilities will be mitigated with cautious selection of location of roads, borrow areas, stockpile areas, and appurtenant structures and work methodology. ESM in accordance with its efforts for reduction of CO2 emissions and the other greenhouse gases helped by Clean Development Mechanism will develop the Lukovo Pole project which has considerable potential for saving of greenhouse gases emissions.

  Storage Lukovo Pole