Coal Mine Zivojno

Deposit “Zivojno” is the third main coal deposit in Pelagonia region and it is located approximately 35 km southeast of town Bitola to the border between Republic of North Macedonia and Greece or 20 km from mine Suvodol and it is extension of mine Brod-Gneotino (cca 4 km from Brod-Gneotino). It is expanded to the border line with Republic of Greece on south, village Zivojno on east, village Germian on west, to the river Crna on north and spreads over an area of cca 25,0 кm2.

From the previous systematic investigations carried out in the period of the 1966 up to 1984, there is “Elaboration for coal reserves” in coal deposit Zivojno, elaborated by Geological Institute – Skopje. In October 2012 the detailed geological investigations have finished, which resulted in final and accurate parameters regarding quality and quantity of the coal seams, geotechnical, geological and hydro-geological data from the surrounding rock masses.

According to the Technical-economical Elaborate for Zivojno for mine exploitation elaborated in 2013 from Premogovnik Velenje Slovenia, there are valid possibilities for excavation of coal with underground exploitation, and with excavation of up to 1 million tons of coal annually. The overall estimated geological coal reserves in deposit Zivojno, possibility for their exploitation and proximity with TPP Bitola (cca 20km), justifies the efforts for its usage for longer time period.

At the moment, there is an ongoing procedure for elaboration of the Main Mining Design for opening and coal exploitation from Zivojno deposit by means of underground technology, it is planned to begin development of a Main mining design for exploitation of coal from Zivojno with open pit technology.