TPP Oslomej

TPP Oslomej, is the second thermal power plant (by install capacity) in North Macedonia, which produces around 10% of domestic electricity production. TPP Oslomej consists of one block with a total installed capacity of 125 MW beginning operations in 1980. This thermal power plant currently uses remaining quantities of coal from local lignite mine Oslomej – West (Basin Kicevo) as primary fuel with an average calorific value of 7,600 kJ / kg, the specific consumption of 1,5 kg / kWh, additional specific consumption of fuel oil from 2,16 gr / Wh.

Due to depletion of the available coal reserves and the serious obstacles that stem from socio – cultural environment in relation to the exploration of the site Popovjani (Kicevo basin) with exploitation reserves of 9,000,000 tons, this power plant is facing significantly with uncertainties regarding supply fuel.

In order to extend the operational life of TPP Oslomej, in 2015 year a Feasibility Study was prepared by renowned consultants for modernization of the plant by using imported coal with higher calorific value. Тhe strategic goal is to diagnostic of the current condition of TPP Oslomej in order to expand the lifespan of the power plant in accordance with national requirements and the environmental requirements of EU and providing long-term and sustainable supply of coal.

The objectives of the project should cover the following aspects:

  • Extension of the service life of TPP Oslomej for at least 30 years,
  • Providing specified fuel, including market research,
  • Comply with EU Directives (IED Directive 2010/75 / EU), and providing the highest standards regarding the protection of the environment where reducing emissions of CO2, SOx, NOx and dust emissions permitted under the EU by 2016,
  • Use of best available technologies (BAT).

The study contains an analysis of the potential suppliers of coal with higher calorific value with quantitative and qualitative confirmation (certificate) and safety analyzes for the period that follows.

For realization of this project it is envisaged capital investment amounting to 126M€ of which amount majority is envisaged for the construction of a new boiler for burning high-calorie coal. Implementation of the project is planned to be implemented over a period of 4 years.

  Modernization TPP Oslomej