HEAT DECANTED INTO CREATION Thermo energetic recourses are also known as fossil according to the way of evolving. Coal, oil and oil shales belong to this group. They are not renewable electric power recourses that are spent irreversibly. Obtaining of electricity in thermo power plants is conducted with transformation of the fossil fuels – coal, oil, gas in electricity.Thermo capacities give constant energy. Thermo production has increasing tendency. It should be mentioned the high thermo production realized in the plants stoked on coal in the last ten years which exceeds the planned quantities. This especially refers to MPC Bitola. Growth rate of thermo production is result of the increased usage of the coal mine capacities and of the increased operating efficiency of objects and employees. From all of them, Republic of North Macedonia disposes only with coal reserves, from the category, young lignites.

On the territory of Republic of North Macedonia there are 20 coal locations. The total geological reserves are estimated at 2,5 billions tons. Regarding the electro energetic goals from all this the most interesting are Pelagonia and Kicevo reservoirs, and perspective potential could be Mariovo and Tikves reservoirs. At the Pelagonija and Kicevo reservoirs are built two our lignite thermo power plants which are pillar of the Macedonian electric power system participating with 80-85% in the total produced electricity.

The greatest producing capacity is Mining power complex “Bitola” with its three blocks each of 233 MW and annual net production of about 1.200 GWh per block. The complex is entirely encircled production with more units. This thermo plant as basic fuel uses coal which has average caloricity of 1.540 kJ/kg.

The other thermo capacity included in the electro energetic system is Mining power complex “Oslomej” in Kicevo, with installed block capacity of 125 MW. This thermo capacity as basic fuel uses coal with average caloricity of 1.500 kJ/kg.

The third thermo capacity is the subsidiary “Energetika” which is projected and built in order to provide complete supply for all consumers of RZS with electricity, technological steam and hot water for warming.

These thermo power plants have important role in the covering of the basic part of the intake diagram of Republic of North Macedonia.

Existing objects

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