Thermal power plant Oslomej – Kicevo with installed power of 125 MW is constructed and operates based on determined coal reserves from deposit Oslomej which is situated nearby the plant. Surface mine Oslomej with annual production of 1,2 х 106 tons of coal and exploitation lifetime of 22 years  started with exploitation from 1980.

This deposit is divided in two areas with Temnica river including:
•    SM Oslomej – East, the coal is entirely extracted.
•    SM Oslomej – West is in final exploitation phase.

Technological process of excavation of coal and overburden is accomplished as combination i.e. with continuous and discontinuous mechanization.  In the excavation levels, ETS  systems are placed and they represent technological entirety of excavation, transport and dumping of overburden and coal.

Excavators which operate are rotor and they simultaneously accomplish excavating, transport and unloading of the material. Conveyor belts are used for transport of the material from excavator to depot respectively through plant to mine bars of the depot. Spreader represents final cantilever machine which accepts the material from conveyor belts and deposits it in internal depot.

Draglines excavators are used for discontinuous mechanization and they directly clean the coal layer with direct transfer of material in previously excavated empty space.