HEC Veles

HPP Veles is planned to be constructed in the middle flow of Vardar river between Skopje and Veles in the valley part of the river, more precisely between villages Zelenikovo and Basino. Storage “Veles” entirely overflows railway Skopje –Veles at location from railway station Zelenikovo until dam and therefore there is necessity of dislocation of railway between stations Zelenikovo and Veles.

Energy utilization of location Taor-Veles of HPP “Veles” requires dislocation of railway and at the same time does not refers to already resolved water management problems in Skopje Valley.

  • Free flow of Vardar river waters is provided through Skopje Valley which is achieved with realization of project for regulation of Vardar river as well as unconsidered outflow of underground waters, drainage of Skopje field.
  • Optimal energy utilization of available energy potential of Vardar river at location Taor-Veles.
  • Creating conditions for water supply of industry and city of Veles with necessary water.
  • Creating of conditions for more optimal use of water downstream of Veles as well as due to necessities of water management and energetics itself.
  • Radical resolving of railway traffic in valley downstream of Taor with foreseen perspective possibility for regular resolving of Veles crossroad and railway station Veles.
  • Contribution for providing of conditions for development of tourism nearby Skopje.

Main characteristics of HPP “Veles”

Dam height 59,50 m
Length of dam crest 135,00 m
Width of dam crest 6,00 m
Useful storage volume 64,00 x 10m3
Installed flow 195,00 m3/s
Net fall 53,50 m
Turbine type Францис
Number of units 3
Installed capacity per unit 31,00 MW
Calculated installed capacity 93,10 MW
Average annual flow of site 76,40 m3/s
Average annual generation 310 GWh
Construction period 6 years
Dislocation of railway 30 km
Total cost of project 157,7 million Euros

 Project Vardar Valley